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The GO-GLOBAL project is subdivided in various Workpackages (WPs) assigned to conduct confined activities.

The heart of the GO-GLOBAL project consists of:

  1. the identification and evaluation of ongoing initiatives and research projects on emerging risks in the food and feed chain that are carried out worldwide;
  2. the global exchange of final results and recommendations resulting from these projects; and
  3. the development of activities to fill the gaps in knowledge identified.

In order to facilitate the identification of worldwide initiatives on emerging food safety risks, it is essential to have good contacts with key stakeholders and global and/or regional networks in this area, and to have access to the results of projects, as well as consolidating data regarding emerging risk topics. Therefore, GO-GLOBAL will create an actively expanding global network of experts in the area of emerging food safety risks, with the aim of making a sustainable Global Platform on Emerging Food Safety Risks (WP1). All partners will contribute by identifying key stakeholders and by promoting the strengthening and/or establishment of regional and subregional food safety networks, focused on emerging risks worldwide. This information will also be used by WP4 for the development of an updated database of experts and stakeholders in the field of emerging food and feed safety risks for the dissemination of GO-GLOBAL results.

Furthermore, WP2 will make use of this database for the identification of experts to be included in the Delphi exercise and WP3 will use these contacts to make an inventory of emerging risk research.

WP3 will systematically evaluate these research activities to identify knowledge and data gaps. The evaluative dimension will be complemented with the analysis work performed in WP2. WP2 will analyse current food safety systems and will use apply Delphi methodology to facilitate the identification of consensus opinion across key stakeholders regarding emerging food risks. The results of this analysis, together with the WP3 evaluation, will be used by the GO-GLOBAL consortium (core group AND Platform members) to develop a strategic research agenda, in the area of emerging food safety risks. Specifically, existing initiatives and knowledge will be harmonised, and research needs identified. WP4 will ensure the global dissemination of this GOGLOBAL agenda and the Platform members will actively encourage funding bodies to implement these recommendations.

It is anticipated that the proposed exercise will be a cyclic process that should be performed on a regular basis. The operationalisation of this cyclic process, and how it could best fit the need of the stakeholder and end-users, will be determined in WP1, and is one of the important factors which will contribute to the sustainability of the Global Platform on Emerging Food Safety Risks.

The relation and coherence between the different Workpackages.
The relation and coherence between the different Workpackages.