Antalya 2009

GO-GLOBAL Workshop on 'Emerging Risks', March 10-11 2009, Antalya, Turkey.

This workshop is intended to provide a unique opportunity to explore in-depth and utilise the experience of a group of food safety experts to think deeply about emerging risks in the food chain. The uniqueness of the group is the different global perspectives they will each bring to the Workshop. The discussion will be 'captured' during the sessions and will form the basis of a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. 

Tuesday, 10 March

Session 1: The Changing World

Chair: Shaun Kennedy

Session 2: Human contributions to emerging risks

Chair: Danilo Lo Fo Wong

Wednesday, 11 March

Session 3: Insights from national priorities in food safety/security

Chair: John Gilbert

Session 4: Historical perspectives

Chair: Wim Ooms

Summary & Conclusions

John Gilbert & Hans Marvin