Workpackage 1: Development of a sustainable platform

Development of a sustainable platform on Emerging Risk in the Food and Feed chain.


  • To develop a sustainable and functioning Global Platform on Emerging Food Safety Risks that promotes and facilitates international cooperation between key actors and networks in the area of emerging food safety risks
  • To establish an actively expanding global and multi-disciplinary network of experts with interests in emerging food safety risks.
  • To develop methodologies / indicators to measure the effectiveness/ impact of the Platform.

Description of work

GO-GLOBAL aims to establish a permanent and sustainable platform regarding emerging risks in the food and feed chain. This platform will bring together key persons and networks dealing with emerging food safety risks. The establishment of such a permanent structure will contribute to the development of trust between the parties/persons involved, a necessary condition for creating an international forum for exchange of information and opinions on matters pertaining to emerging risk in the food and feed chain. The platform also offers unique opportunities for the creation of an alert system regarding emerging food safety issues which has global applicability and utility.

The project partners selected to contribute to the development of this Platform represent leading organisations in food safety within their geographical regions. All have access to national and/or regional programmes on emerging risk and networks. Through accessing these national and regional contacts via the contract partners, a worldwide communication and dissemination network can be created. In addition, the present contract partners (the "core group") and Platform members will extend the network by identifying suitable new members, ensuring a balanced representation from all continents.

To become sustainable it is of crucial importance to develop abusiness plan describing in detail the market (among others, interested stakeholders), the desired products, targets, way of operation, etc. Essential input for this plan is ensured through the identified major stakeholders who are member of the GO-GLOBAL platform but consultation with other identified parties is foreseen. To reach sustained status of the Platform the following succession of measures is planned:

  • study of the modern practices for existing similar platforms
  • economic analysis of possible strategies for the Platform operation
  • establishing of contacts with government & controlling organizations
  • establishing of contacts with commercial organizations having potential interests in the Platform activities
  • preparation and signing of basic agreements for the Platform creation.