Workpackage 4: Exchange of Information & Dissemination

Exchange of information and communication of results with and between stakeholders, endusers and research sponsors.


  • To stimulate exchange of information regarding emerging food and feed risk issues, and to disseminate, among others via an Internet-based forum, where information about emerging risks issues can be found.
  • To promote active collaboration between key actors and stakeholders in emerging food safety risks at a global level by establishing new, or strengthening existing regional and sub-regional food safety networks worldwide.
  • To promote the interaction and collaboration of GO-GLOBAL with existing national and regional initiatives and networks in the area of food safety, including monitoring, surveillance and risk analysis networks.
  • To assist other WP’s in the identification of scientific experts and relevant stakeholders, and to contribute to the identification, evaluation and harmonisation of current systems regarding food safety and the ongoing research activities in this field.

Description of work

Exchange of information

Workpackage 4 will coordinate different initiatives involving the exchange of information on a global scale, between key stakeholders and actors in the area of emerging food safety risks.

In close collaboration with WP2 a large, representative database with stakeholders from all over the world will be developed. This inventory will subsequently serve to contact participants for the Delphi experiments. In parallel, WP4 will contribute to the further expansion of the global platform with multi-disciplinary experts in emerging food safety risks (in support of WP1). This will be done in cooperation with the other project partners who will, starting from their own regional contact database, contribute to support this network. WP4 will make us of this set of contacts for the coordinated exchange of information, making research results more readily accessible to key actors and networks in the food safety field.

Another important task for WP4 will be the effective exchange of the exclusive information generated by the Delphi approach, among which the identification of research priorities in the field of emerging food safety risks. This information will also be made available to research programming bodies globally.

WP4 will also facilitate the connection and interaction with existing monitoring, surveillance and risk analysis networks (e.g. RASFF, INFOSAN-WHO), supporting WP3 in the analysis of food safety systems worldwide.


This Workpackage aims to establish a global network for internal communication between the project participants and for dissemination and exchange of information with associated members, key stakeholders and organizations involved in emerging risk in the food and feed chain.

The practical experience in communication and dissemination gained during the 6th FP projects SAFE FOODS and SELAMAT will be used to take up the challenge of creating a successful global dissemination network. Likewise, the dissemination tools, contact databases and worldwide connections developed during the GO-GLOBAL project will form a firm basis for the dissemination pillar of the permanent Global Platform on Emerging Food Safety Risks.

A well-embedded dissemination Workpackage is imperative for successful project communication. WP4 will work in close collaboration with the Project Management WP5 and will be represented in the Daily Management Team to ensure an efficient exchange of information between the coordinator and the project participants. Furthermore, WG4 will play a central role in facilitating and promoting the research, and information exchange activities of the other WP’s in the GO-GLOBAL project.

An important tool will be the development of an interactive and dynamic internet website, including a password-protected intranet site for project members only. This website will allow the centralization of all project information, WP activities and upcoming events that can be disseminated. Crucial information will be translated into several languages to reach a broader public, a service that will be provided by the respective project partners. Furthermore, WP4 will be responsible for technical assistance and the creation of useful tools for other WP activities, such as WebEx, for online meetings and web conferencing. Webcast material will be provided on the website for dissemination purposes.

For dissemination in GO-GLOBAL, the regional networks of the project participants (and their respective organizations) will play an important role. WP4 will rely on these contacts and will collaborate closely with the local participant to overcome cultural differences, language barriers and to identify new candidate associated members to extend the global network. The development of a worldwide contact database with interested stakeholders and organizations involved in emerging food safety risks and a list of upcoming events, conferences and food safety training workshops is also a task for this Workpackage. In the beginning of the project, a detailed start-up document describing the GO-GLOBAL goals will be developed to be used as dissemination material by all partners.