Workpackage 5: Management

This workpackage is about the management of the consortium.


  • To ensure proper co-ordination, integration and execution of SSA activities on all levels regarding scientific matters, financial and legal matters, communication, and dissemination.
  • To monitor progress of these activities, to anticipate on deviations of established plans and to organise audits on progress and quality output.
  • To inform all partners in the project and European Commission fully on the project status, including progress reports and to ratify and provide minutes of meetings of the PMT and consortium meetings.
  • To develop detailed implementations plans for the second period of the project.
  • To organise meetings & workshops, and to implement actions resulting from these meetings where appropriate (PMT, Consortium meetings and WP meetings).
  • To develop and implement an interactive web side information portal to enable maximal transparency for SSA partners, key stakeholders and the general public.
  • To optimise delivery of dissemination activities.
  • To establish collaborations with relevant on-going research projects within the 6th FP.

Description of work

The project management (WP leaders within their WP and overall co-ordinator) will conduct supervision on projects’ progress (task, deliverables, milestones, budgets, publications) and will develop alternative plans, if necessary or desired. An external audit will be launched to verify that the project has been carried out in accordance with appointments. A project documentation archive will be set up and maintained including a day to day administrative management, contracts and tuning in with the Commission.

The management will produce annual reports and minutes of meetings and preparation of document requested by the Commission in relation to the consortium and will formulate a detailed implementation plan for the second period (months 18- 30). The management is responsible for the preparation, organisation and administration of meetings and workshops (PMT, Consortium) and the development of an interactive web site portal containing all information of the project.

The designed web site will have public and protected area’s containing confidentially information and will enable interactive communication. The restricted areas are intended for Consortium communication, only. A restricted number of persons (to be determined by the PMT) will have the authority to manage these locations. The access policy will be determined by the PMT.